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@ IUAV University in Venice

Graduation thesis title: “Reuse for agriculture practice of a Trani’s stone quarry”.
Graduation thesis intends to undertakes the reuse of a Trani-stone quarry in Apulia, in the south of Italy. The proximity of the quarry to the coast and to a furrow in the soil called “lama”, determines the nature itself of the intervention. Lama is an erosive furrow generated from an underground river and characterized by an high fecundity of soil and consequently by a high ecological value. So the aim is to create the possibility to increase the existing cultivations in the furrow of the so called “lama” in succession of a partial backfilling of  the soil in the quarry.
Research begins from an accurate analysis of context. The intervention aspires to create a more close relationship between the coast and the hinterland,where many artifacts with an artistic and historical substance are, also if not sufficiently enhanced.
One of the access point of the “lama” was planned to receive visitors at the beginning of itinerary, near the coast. It’s a building apt to contain different functions, such as restaurant, gym, services for people who comes the beach (bathroom, shower and dressing room). But the main function of this building is to join different levels and to give visitors some interesting glimpse during their descent front the street to the beach.